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Juliana + Chase Wedding Film

Juliana and Chase had a beautiful wedding at County Line Orchard in August. You can see that they truly love each other and they have a huge support system of friends and family. Thank you for inviting me to capture your special day for you! #weddingvideographer

This is a great example of my most popular wedding video package. I recommend this package to most couples who want full coverage of their day without missing anything. It includes a one minute teaser edit(delivered within two weeks of the wedding), a full ceremony and reception edit with 5 camera angles, and an 8-10 minute highlight film featuring your vows and clips from the speeches.

The teaser is a fun way to quickly showoff how good you looked on your special day without having to wait for the full highlight film to be done. The wedding industry has a boom and bust cycle for vendors so during the boom cycle, referred to as wedding season, I am filming non-stop and I don't have enough time between weddings to keep up with editing. As a result, it can sometimes take up to 3 months for the full wedding highlight film to be finished due to the intense amount of editing required to create such a beautiful piece of work. This is why I deliver a one minute teaser that just features shots of the bride and groom within a week or two of the wedding. I am able to crank out a simple edit like that pretty quickly even during peak wedding season.

At first you may not think you will watch the wedding ceremony and reception video because it isn't as flashy as the highlight edit, but I constantly hear feedback from couples saying how they are so glad they added this edit because it allows them to remember how their family and friends looked and sounded. Your parents and grandparents won't be around forever so this video allows you to see how the acted and remember what their voice sounded like years after they are gone. By using 5 cameras for the ceremony and reception I am able to add in lots of extra shots of the audience that you really can't capture with less cameras. During the ceremony it allows me the freedom to move around because I know there are always 3 different close up angles of the bride and groom so even if someone blocks one angle I have backups. When I have the freedom to move around I can grab close ups of the audience to splice in to give a fuller feeling to edit. The same applies to the reception. Having a wide, medium, and tight shot of the action is a must, but having the two extra cameras allows me to keep one locked off on the bride's parents' table and one on the groom's parents' table. I also get a closeup of the bride and groom as well as the speaker during the speeches. Again, having all of these different camera angles just makes it feel like you are really there when watching back the video because you get to see so many people's reactions. The ceremony and reception edit is usually about an hour long and is great for sharing with family members who couldn't make it to the wedding. The reception edit includes intros, speeches, cake cutting, first dances, garter/bouquet toss, and any other tradition or special dances you may have.

All of these different camera angles in the ceremony and reception edit allow me to create a much more full feeling highlight edit due to seeing so many different people's reactions from each special moment. I love including vows or notes to each other in the highlight edit because its a great way to tell the story of your love. I also like to include some clips from the speeches because it gives even more backstory and context to your life together. Telling the story of your love is a great way to allow you to remember why you are together and will remind you each time you watch it for years to come. I really like this style of highlight edit because I think it is so much more meaningful than just a simple highlight with video clips cut to music. Those simple highlights can be fun too, but a proper highlight with audio from speeches and vows are just a little more special and magical.

Contact me today to find out how I can save the memories from your special day to relive forever!

Thank you to everyone involved for making this day amazing!

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